To achieve the objectives, DMI undertakes the following activities:

  1. Digging and developing profession professions of lecturers in implementing Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi in efforts to educate, improve the faith and taqwa and the quality of the nation.
  2. Take an active role in the development and improvement activities of education quality in an effort to improve the discipline and quality of human resources.
  3. Improving the attitude and quality of professionalism and expertise of the members in the field of the discipline that he is involved in, through further studies, various scientific activities, career development and his welfare as the carrier of higher education mission.
  4. Assist the government in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of state development through the service of the technical implementing unit of consultants in the environment of each level of DMI management respectively in the implementation of the college tri dharma. This service may receive services in accordance with applicable laws and DMI provisions.
  5. Helping government and society in scientific thoughts that are social, voluntary and do not expect material services to strengthen Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and the Islamic character.
  6. Organizing, developing and building cooperation and information network, communication, consultation in science and technology, arts and culture with various circles, individual and inter-institutional by always increasing faith and taqwa, to form a synergy in anticipating globalization era.
  7. To examine and deepen the teachings of Islam among lecturers to make the Islamic values ​​as a frame in the implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.
  8. Organizing activities oriented to the economics of Muslims by collecting zakat, infaq, shodaqoh, and waqaf (ZISWAF) and other activities.
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